American Metal Cleaning of Cincinnati, Ohio can strip any steel object of almost any size and weight. Our totally nondestructive paint and rust removal process strips and derusts parts without damage to the base metal, unlike acid-based processes. We’re set up for light to heavy industry, handling pieces up to 8 feet wide and weights of up to 2 tons.

Our process…
Removes rust from any item from a truck cab to a sewing needle.
Cleans and strips without any metal loss and without changing tolerances.
Can remove urethane, enamel, lacquer, epoxy, acrylic, resin, rubber, glue, grease, oil & more.
Surpasses sandblasting and acid treating - no metal loss whatsoever.
Does not cause hydrogen embrittlement.
Can strip without harming organic components like rubber, plastics etc.
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Chemical/Alkaline Stripping
versus Media Blasting…
Who's best?
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